If you want to get a clear understanding of How To Potty Train a toddler then it is important for you to have a practical plan in mind and in hand. This will enable you to go from all the diapers to the dry in days. However, in trying to do so, you need to be prepared and should avoid going side-track by different distractions while potty training your kid. Your main focus should be on potty training your toddler in the best way possible. Some sure-fire tips that will go a long way in helping you do this in the most effective manner are as follows:

How To Potty TrainTrying Knowing the Right Time

Getting the toddler transferred from diapers to the toilets might appear quite easy for you, but it is an emotional and a physical transition for your child. Therefore, it is necessary for you to have a clear understanding of the right time when you should start potty training your child. The best time to potty train the child is when the child is between 2 and 2 and 1/2 years. This is the time when your child gets a proper understanding of controlling his or her bowel movements.

Evaluate the Readiness of Your Child

Is your toddler able to understand verbally? This actually means that your toddler must have the capability of understanding and carrying out certain simple instructions. He or she must show the signs of having that craze to do things for themselves or on their own. It is also important for you to evaluate whether your child’s bowel and bladder control has developed adequately or not. There is no use in following the steps of potty training a kid if your toddler is not able to handle the entire training procedure. Children are quite different from each other and therefore they may or may not be fully ready to get themselves potty trained. It is you who need to take the chance and introduce your child to the toilet. In case your child resists, stop immediately because he or she might not be ready.

Go Shopping

You must prepare a list of things that you might need for the training. Include certain things that your kid would like in order to make the shopping fun for your kid. The things that you would need for potty training your kid include:

•    Two to three potties in order to have one in hand whenever needed.

•    Anatomically correct boy doll for your son or girl doll for your daughter.

•    Vibrantly colored underpants. You can even choose underpants with pictures of your child’s favorite cartoon character. Training underpants or diapers serve as practical solutions for trips outdoors. However, you need to ensure that you treat these underpants as real pants and not in the form of diapers.

•    You must also get stickers or wall charts.

Toilet Train the Anatomically Correct Girl or Boy Doll

It might seem silly but you must start by potty training the girl or the boy doll. This is because the doll works in the form of an effective potty training tool. It must not be used in the form of a toy but a tool for potty training your child. The doll must be used for modeling correct behavior in your child.

Celebrate the Success of the Doll

You must try praising the doll every time it uses the potty correctly. You must also paste a sticker on the wall chart for recording the progress of the doll in this field. The doll would also get a good party once it is done with its potty training program successfully. This will help your kid in realizing that being potty trained in actually a fun and happy experience.

Bid Farewell to the Diapers

Try putting your child in pants and do not use diapers even if you happen to notice two to three accidents in doing this.

Have Your Child Drinking a Lot of Fluids

If your toddler gets into the habit of drinking fluids in large amounts, it will also get into the habit of urinating in small intervals which will get them good hands in using the potty in the right manner.